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The only protection of the heat, beating down and bouncing in your face from the concrete of the street, is the foliage of the tropical caobo trees, often stretching their branches over two or three houses, sometimes reaching and intertwining with siblings on the other side.


The leaves do more than protect: they keep the air humid and create a microclimate below, in which life develops differently than in other places. New ideas are developed and prosper.

Caobo gathers together an eclectic group of friends with various projects, often different and unusual, and serves as a platform for whatever ideas that come up.

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3D Prints and Jewellery

Kolontai creates 3D printed steel jewellery from their atelier in Antwerp, Belgium. Please visit their website!


E-Books and Paperbacks

We like books!  With Caobo Ediciones, we edit, design, layout and publish new and classic books in English and Spanish. They’re available through Amazon’s Kindle and Kobo.

Make sure to also check our bilingual edition of some Venezuelan classic short stories by José Rafael Pocaterra.


Creative Lab – Madrid

Transeúnte organizes cultural events such as book presentations, panel discussions, festivals, concerts, movie forums, art exhibitions and artistic performances. Their team has a professional journalist and designer.

They’re based in Madrid, Spain.