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José Rafael Pocaterra

Caobo Ediciones is a group of literature enthusiasts working from Belgium and Madrid, with a passion for Venezuelan literature. We revive the classic texts, unknown and hard to find even for our compatriots, and make them available to the larger public in e-books of various formats, and sell the paperback books in stores in Madrid and on Amazon.

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Guillermo Cerceau

writer, consultant

Guillermo Cerceau (Argentina, 1957) is a consultant specialized in new technologies. He has worked for twenty years in the corporate world, first as an independent consultant and then, at KPMG, for almost 11 years, where he reached the position of CIO for Venezuela. Currently researching cities, migrations, climate change, and advanced technologies like AI, VR, AR and so-called “Smart Cities”.

Guillermo Cerceau

Luigi Frassato

professor, historian, writer

Luigi Frassato was born in Tonengo di Mazzé, in the province of Turin in Italy, in 1940; and has been living in Venezuela since 1956. He has a degree in Education from the University of Carabobo (1972) and is a Magister in History of the America’s at the Catholic University Andrés Bello (1989). He has published various historical biographies and essays about history, pedagogy and epistemiology. He’s professor emeritus at the University of Carabobo.
Los estudios históricos y las biografías - feature

José Rafael Pocaterra

journalist, activist, politician

Pocaterra was a Venezuelan activist during the dictatorships of Castro and Gomez at the beginning of the 20th century. His most known work is his memoires of this period, and a series of 44 short stories in social realism style about life and culture in Venezuela, the ‘Cuentos Grotescos’.

José Rafael Pocaterra